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Fire Asstinguisher

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Milk exists to cool the mouth but there is nothing to cool the other end... until now. Behold, the world's first chilli aftercare product - Fire Asstinguisher!

The brainchild behind Fire Asstinguisher promotes good personal care of ourselves from top ... to bottom. Thinking about the world's current care plan of an area that can already receive a raw deal, they decided it was time for an upgrade, focussed on post chilli poos. They've sourced a collection of soothing ingredients to help soothe your hot chilli-lovin' butt!

Fire Asstinguisher is a foaming combination of Mild Castile Soap, Witch Hazel (with alcohol), Lemongrass Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oils and water. The preparation aspires to bring relief from the dreaded "Ring of Fire". It’s worked for us, and we think it’ll work for you!


** Not for consumption. This is a Personal Care product. For External use. **


Made in Australia.

Size: 150ml

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