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Buy the world's hottest hot sauces, finest chilli sauces, spices and chilli products available in Australia.

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Ranging from DELICIOUSLY MILD to DANGEROUSLY WILD, there is something for every chilli palate. Explore our store and let Blonde Chilli ignite your taste buds today. Blonde Chilli - bringing you the finest chilli and hot sauces, spices, rubs, and highest quality chilli products from around the world. 

BLONDE CHILLI is Australia's Largest Distributor of Premium Hot Sauces & Chilli Products. We sell wholesale and retail.


Address: Shop 1, 19 Webber Pde, East Keilor VIC 3033
Hours: Tues 12-6 / Sat 9-1
All other times, by appointment.
Call us on 0402 331 022 or International +61 402 331 022.

  • Creator of Blonde Chilli Signature Label
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Culley’s Hot Sauce (New Zealand)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Volcanic Peppers (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of MARVLING BROS products  (UK)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Heartbreaking Dawns Hot Sauce (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Voodoo Chile Sauces & Salsa (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Born To Hula Hot Sauce (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Seafire Gourmet (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of HotBabes-HotSauce (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Heavenly Heat Hot Sauce (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Sauceworks Co. (USA)
  • Exclusive Australian Distributor of Meet Your Maker Retribution Hot Sauce  (USA)
  • Australian Distributor of CaJohns Fiery Foods (USA)
  • Australian Distributor of Hellfire Hot Sauce (USA)
  • Australian Distributor of High River Sauces (USA)
  • Australian Distributor of Melbourne Hot Sauce (Australia)
  • Australian Distributor of The Chilli Factory Hot Sauce (Australia)
  • Australian Distributor of The Spice Factory (Australia)
  • Australian Distributor of Randy Sanchez Sauce Co. (Australia)
  • Australian Distributor of CaJohns Fiery Foods (USA)
  • Australian Distributor of Gods Of Sauces (Australia)
  • Australian Distributor of Quirky Jerky (Australia)
  • Authorised re-seller of Blair's Death Sauce and Snacks (USA)
  • Authorised re-seller of Bunster's Hot Sauces (Australia)
  • Authorised re-seller of Elijah's Xtreme Gourmet Sauces (USA)
  • Authorised re-seller of Flamethrower Candy Co. (USA)
  • Authorised re-seller of Ghost Scream (USA)
  • Authorised re-seller of Apostle Sauces (New Zealand)
  • Authorised re-seller of Burn Sauces (USA)
  • Authorised re-seller of Hot Ones Signature Label Sauces (USA)
  • Authorised re-seller of The Chilli Seed Bank "World's Hottest Corn Chips" and snacks (Australia)

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