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Blonde Chilli is Australia's largest Hot Sauce and Chilli Sauce wholesaler / distributor. Featuring products from USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and beyond.

Interested in becoming a stockist of any of the brands we represent? Get in touch with the team today! International enquiries welcome.

  • Phone: 0402 331 022
  • Email: blonde_chilli@yahoo.com.au

Buy hot sauce at wholesale prices! Brands available for wholesale purchase:

  • Blair's Death Sauce (USA);
  • Heavenly Heat (USA);
  • Hellfire Hot Sauce (USA);
  • HotBabe-HotSauce (USA);
  • Sauceworks Co. (USA);
  • Seafire Gourmet (USA);
  • Culley's (New Zealand);
  • Marvling Bros. (UK);
  • Ceylon Spice Heaven (Australia);
  • Chilli Seed Bank (Australia);
  • Crackatinny Beef Jerky (Australia);
  • Fire Asstinguisher (Australia);
  • Gods of Sauces (Australia);
  • Melbourne Hot Sauce (Australia);
  • Quirky Jerky (Australia);
  • Randy Sanchez Sauce Co. (Australia);
  • The Chilli Factory (Australia);
  • The Spice Factory (Australia);
  • Pepper By Pinard (Australia);
  • Da Bomb Hot Sauce by Spicin Foods (USA).