Hot Sauce Club Australia


Hot Sauce Club Australia is Australia's Premier Hot Sauce & Fiery Foods Subscription Box. A selection of spicy treats from USA, New Zealand and Australia, delivered to your door, monthly or quarterly. What could be simpler? 

Join and discover a sumptuous range of sauces and devilish treats from brands you may or may not have heard of. Don't worry, we only send products that get the Hot Sauce Club Australia tick of approval! We guarantee high quality, delicious, and mind-blowing treasures. Discover chillies you didn't know existed, and flavours you'd only heard of until now. At Hot Sauce Club Australia it's not just about the heat, so expect to receive anything from MILD to WILD!

With Hot Sauce Club Australia discover Premium Hot Sauces, Spicy Snacks, Chilli Confectionary, Rubs & Marinades, Chilli Jerky, Chilli Hot Chocolate, Salts & Spices, and SO MUCH more… 

Hot Sauce Club Australia members can expect to receive up to $100 of spicy value in EVERY box… now that’s bang for your buck!!

Just some of the brands featured at Hot Sauce Club Australia: Blair's Death Sauce, Silvers Jerky, Culley's, Melbourne Hot Sauce, CaJohns Fiery Foods, Heartbreaking Dawns, Born To Hula, Grumpy Gary's, Bunsters, Volcanic Peppers, Blonde Chilli, Hellfire Hot Sauce, Voodoo Chile Sauces, Slap Ya Mama, Burningsweets, Marvling Bros., Agent 80, The Chilli Factory, Puckerbutt Pepper Co., and many more to come! 

Join the chilli revolution, sign up today!