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HotBabe-HotSauce | Scotch Bonnet Mustard

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Peppers Used: Scotch Bonnets

Scotch Bonnet Mustard Pepper Sauces are a Caribbean family favourite. Our version has buttery garlic mustard spice notes at the front with a goodly amount of heat radiating front to back. Our ingredients are organic where possible and we do not use gums.

Uses/Pairs well with: Chicken, Pork, Ham, Sausages, Sword Fish, Mahi Mahi, Cod, Snapper, Greens, Cheese Fondues, Cauliflower.

Heat level: MEDIUM

Size: 150ml

Made in USA 

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Caribbean Hot Chillies*, Carrot*, Cauliflower*, Distilled Vinegar*, Brown Spice Mustard*, Raw Garlic*, Less than 2% of: Redmond Mineral Sea Salt, Natural Flavour. (* = organic)