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Hot Ones | The Last Dab APOLLO Hot Sauce

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As seen on Hot Ones

The Last Dab: Apollo joins the Hot Ones lineup as the new king of Mt. Scoville, hero of hot sauces, and crusher of celebrities and chilliheads alike. The Apollo Chilli has been carefully bred and nurtured by Guinness World Record holding chilli breeder Smokin’ Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Co from prized strains of his famed Carolina Reaper and Pepper X. The Apollo brings this heritage to new heights of capsaicin, packing a more concentrated punch than any of its forebears. The flavor of The Apollo comes from the sweetness of Carolina Reaper, tinged with the earthiness of Pepper X - it’s a culinary powerhouse. The heat profile of The Apollo Chilli is akin to having your head slowly lit aflame. You feel the fire consume your entire skull, your tongue smolders, burning tears pour from your eyes. And then, five minutes later, the ride is over, your heart rate returns to normal, the panic subsides. This chilli is like no other.

The Last Dab: Apollo is the only sauce in the world made with the Apollo Chilli. This sauce is made from only The Apollo Chilli and very little vinegar. The chilli takes three forms in this sauce: fresh chilli, dried chilli, and distilled chilli oil (made using CO2 extraction, similar to how the highest quality essential oils are made).

Did you know? Hot Ones The Last Dab APOLLO Hot Sauce was featured on Season 13 to 20 of the hit YouTube web series Hot Ones. Produced by First We Feast, Hot Ones boasts celebrities being interviewed by host Sean Evans over a platter of increasingly spicy chicken wings.

HEAT LEVEL: EXTREME  (2,000,000+ Scovilles) 

Size: 150ml

Ingredients: The Apollo Chilli, Distilled Vinegar, The Apollo Chilli Powder, The Apollo Chilli Distillate.

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Customer Reviews

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Tate Erekose
Only worth the novelty.

6/10 for heat, maybe a 7/10 for flavour. Definitely not worth the price for anything other than the novelty. Maybe recommend it on heavy discount.


Super hot but does have great flavour.

Benjamin Sharkey
Diabolical .

Hot. It’s hot.

Garth Bennett
Not as hot as expected, but not bad

Surprisingly I didn't find the Apollo sauce excessively hot. The flavour was a bit bland, but not bad to mix in with other sauces as it can still provide a little heat.

APPOLO hot sauce

Definitely no 1 hot sauce! Highly recommended.