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Blair's | Controlled Death Sauce - upto 10.3 Million Scovilles

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As a lifelong Chilihead who has served up over 110 million ChiliHeadz around the globe over the last 32 years…..I take Great Pride in Presenting my Latest and Greatest Creation to date… CONTROLLED DEATH. This hardcore Chilihead Fun Box is tailored to and created for the most experienced Scoville-slayers.

When I first started creating this intense all-inclusive kit, I could never have imagined it would turn into an absolute obsession over which I’ve literally spent more hours than I can count, happily immersing myself in. As horrific as C19 has been (including losing my own mom to it) If it wasn’t for C19, Controlled Death wouldn’t exist. I took much of that time to obsess on and perfect this most Unique Hot Sauce Kit…thinking about all my ChiliHeadz over the years who asked me “Hey B, can you make this not as Hot?” Or even better “ Hey B, Can u make this Hotter” To you I say Thanks And Yep. “Now YOU can” cuz You Control it. 

Your amazing New Skulled Kit contains a bottle of Controlled Death Sauce (if you add nothin it’s still Effin Super Hot), a vial of highly refined Pure Capsaicin resin topping over 10.3 million Scoville Units of Fury, and a Borosilicate glass injector so that you can "Control your Death."  

After 30 + years of inventing many of the Hottest products on Planet Earth, I’ve found the use of gloves can really be a game changer in protecting your hands and body. So I’ve got you covered this first time..just lift the box insert to find a pair of quality disposable Vinyl Nitrile Gloves. 

There has been the most amazing energies, Luv, and Karma put into each one of these kits. Use with caution, enjoy with care, and consume with passion.

With ChiliHead LuV & Spice, Feel Alive - Blair 

PS While I could keep on writing about all the obsessive details I’ve included in This insane kit, I’m leaving some for you to find Yourself. Please eat responsibly. 


*** Even with the design, I had to choose between my final 3 box and label colors to go with. Truth be told: I liked em all so I decided to Print em all. This product is available in Red, Black, and Yellow box but bottle label colors will vary. ***


Box Contains:

  • 5 oz. Controlled Death Sauce
  • Borosilicate Glass Injector with blunt tip
  • 3mls of up to 10.3 Million Scoville Units of Fury
  • 1 Pair of Gloves
  • Instruction Card

HEAT RATING: EXTREME (up to 10.3 million Scovilles) Just use the injector to pull extract from the vial and add to the sauce. The amount of heat is up to you.

INGREDIENTS: Jolokia Chilli Pods, Red & Orange Habanero Mash, Scorpion Chilies, White Vinegar, Pure Pepper Resin (Contains Soybean Oil), Cane Sugar, Vitamin C, Potato Starch, Siberian Ginseng, Spices.

SIZE: 150ml

DISCLAIMER: Purchaser of product known as BLAIR'S CONTROLLED DEATH SAUCE, hereby acknowledges the intense heat factor of this product and the element of danger if misused. BLAIR'S CONTROLLED DEATH SAUCE is over 100 times hotter than a jalapeno chilli and is a complex blend of fresh chillies and extracts. This product is not a sauce but a food additive and should be used as such only. Furthermore, it should be clearly understood that BLAIR'S CONTROLLED DEATH SAUCE is used strictly at the purchaser's risk.

Purchaser hereby releases Gardner Resources, Inc., Blonde Chilli and Deathsauce Australia from all liability, indemnifies and holds harmless Gardner Resources Inc., Blonde Chilli and Deathsauce Australia with respect to any claims of damages or injuries resulting from the use, consumption, ingestion, and/or contact with respect to BLAIR'S CONTROLLED DEATH SAUCE.

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