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MARVLING BROS. Night Before Christmas In A Matchbox

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This magical Christmas Eve activity kit, has everything you need to prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus.

It's the night before Christmas, and Santa's about,
so let's make a light to help Santa out.

There's a bulb in the box, so turn on the light.
Just pull out the tab. it will flash through the night.

Place it in the balloon do that via the neck.
Make sure it's in well, get an adult to check.

Blow up the balloon, tie it off with a knot.
Now let's hang it up, so find a good spot.

Use the red ribbon so your message is clear,
it won't be long now till Santa is here.

If you want sound as well as the light,
the jingle bells will provide that alright.

Just use the thread and tie to the balloon,
or if you prefer - somewhere else in the room.

Use the magical viewer so that you can see,
amazing snowflakes on your Christmas tree.

So night time is here and you've hung out your light.
Go to sleep now, shut your eyes tight.

It's the night before Christmas let's all give a cheer,
to all Happy Christmas and Santa, stop here! (....please!)

This festive matchbox contains a snowflake kaleidoscope viewer, a balloon with the words 'Santa, please stop here!', a multi-coloured flashing balloon light, a red ribbon with the words 'Santa I've been Sooooo Good!' and a packet of four elf-sized jingle bells. Also included is a copy of the poem 'Twas the Night before Christmas', a festive collectors card and full instructions.


latex balloon, led light (2 hours minimum battery life), holographic snowflake viewer, 4 metal jingle bells. (Children must be supervised by an adult.)


This box is the size of a standard matchbox

Box Size: 5.5cm x 3.6cm x 1.6cm


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