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Elijah's Xtreme Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce

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Elijah's Xtreme Regret is screaming SUPER hot! It packs the fire of the two hottest peppers in the world, the Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper. Your tongue will burn up from the sting of the Scorpion, your eyes will tear up, as the sweat pours off your head. Your ears pop as the endorphins rush through you. Your throat feels the burn of the Carolina Reaper going down. The pain becomes unbearable; you feel like you just ate a burning hot coal... That's when you realize XTREME REGRET! Use with caution, or you'll REGRET.



Size: 150ml

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper chillies, water, carrots, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar, garlic, acetic and citric acids (acidity regulators), onion, lemon, passion fruit (citric extracts), sugar cane, vinegar, xanthan gum (thickener), ascorbic acid (antioxidant).


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