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CaJohns Lethal Ingestion Hot Sauce

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This sauce, Cajohns Lethal Injestion Jolokia Hot Sauce, is truly worthy of the name Lethal Ingestion, or maybe "Lethal Injection!" Using the Jolokia pepper, red savina habaneros and Fatalii chillies, Lethal Injestion Jolokia Hot Sauce is recommended by 1 of 10 doctors, Dr. Cajohn! Use just a drop of Lethal Injestion Jolokia Hot Sauce!

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Keep away from children and pets! USE RESPONSIBLY!!!


Size: 60ml


Ingredients: Fatalii chillies, Red Savina chillies, Bhut Jolokia chillies and Vinegar.