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MARVLING BROS. Anger Management In A Matchbox

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This handy box has has everything needed to divert an imminent tantrum.

Do you know someone who is irate, frustrated, or just a little bit peeved? Rest assured these feelings are perfectly healthy, especially if they are always in the right and everyone else is wrong. They just need a fun and safe way to let out all that excess emotion.

This entertaining stress relieving kit contains a sachet of bouncy putty which can be safely thrown around or alternatively used as a stress ball. The matchbox also includes a friendly stretchy man who you can catapult at a wall (elastic band included) or complain to about how unfair life is; he will never disagree and will always have an understanding smile on his face. It also contains everything needed to make a cheerful punch balloon for physically expressive people (balloon can also be used as a breath control aid). Finally there are three tip cards with proven anger management advice and instructions on how to use the box contents safely.

This gift is small enough to keep handy in situations where stress levels naturally rise: the glove compartment of a car for those happy family trips to the in-laws, in a pocket whilst choosing a queue at the supermarket, or on the desk of your boss before asking for a pay rise.

Don't keep it bottled up. Let it all out with Anger Management in a Matchbox.

Above Average Contents:

1 x Flexible Friend (stretchy man)
1 x Putty Pal (bouncy putty)
1 x Balloon Buddy (smiley 5" balloon)
3 x Anger Management cards

Vintage Collector's card (design may vary from image)

Actual size: 5.5cm x 3.6 cm x 1.6

Not suitable for under 3's (Sorry parents, toddler tantrums just have to be sat out)