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Blonde Chilli 2021 Hot Sauce Challenge No 8

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Did someone say "Hot Sauce Challenge"?? Challenge accepted!!

Host your very own version of the "Hot Ones" hot sauce tasting party with this exclusive Blonde Chilli line-up... Featuring a swag of iconic sauces that have featured throughout the 14 seasons of Hot Ones!!

Get your friends ready for a smack-down that's sure to leave only the bravest, most seasoned chilli-head standing... 

Here's what you get in this killer pack:

  • Hot Ones - The Classic  (1,800 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Seasons 7 - 11)
  • Blair's Original Death Sauce (30,000 Scovilles)   (Hot Ones Season 1)
  • Hot Ones - Los Calientes  (36,000 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Seasons 6 - 10, and Current Season 16)
  • Hot Ones - Los Calientes Rojo  (49,000 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Seasons 11 - 14)
  • Seafire Gourmet Reaper Hot Sauce  (72,000 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Season 12)
  • Culley's Firewater  (112,000 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Season 7)
  • Blair's Mega Death Sauce  (550,000 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Seasons 2, 3 and 4)
  • Sauceworks 100% Ghost Hot Sauce
  • Hot Ones - The Constrictor (1,400,000 Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Game Show)
  • Hot Ones - The Last Dab APOLLO Hot Sauce  (2,000,000+ Scovilles)  (Hot Ones Season 13 - Current Season 16)

You will not find this pack anywhere else! Hot Ones sauces are ULTRA RARE and you will only find these highly-sought after sauces in Australia at Blonde Chilli.

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