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Marvling Bros. | Chilli Science Global Tasting Kit

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This beautiful sampler tin of 12 rare and wonderful chilli powders from around the world is the perfect gift for chilli fanatics and spice lovers.

The Chilli Science Global Tasting Kit takes you on a culinary journey of some of the best chilli powders from around the globe. From the legendary super hot Ghost chilli, to the flamboyant flavours of Mexico and the colourful chillies of India, this exclusive collection contains everything you need to experiment with some of the most flavoursome chilli peppers being produced around the world. Also included in this kit is a handy spatula for measuring out your chilli powder.

Each powder is stored in an individual round screw lid tin with a clear lid, and beautifully presented in a silver gift tin.

Experiment with your chillies and impress your friends with recipes such as Texan chilli con carne, hot sauce and chilli biscuits (website link to recipes included with the product).

Your gift will come with the following 12 powders:

Carolina Reaper (approx 2g)

Ghost (approx 2g)

Urfa Biber (approx 5g)

Habanero (approx 5g)

Chipotle (approx 5g)

Scotch Bonnet (approx 5g)

Birdseye (approx 5g)

Smoked Paprika (approx 5g)

Pasilla (approx 5g)

Kashmiri (approx 5g)

Ancho (approx 5g)

Cayenne (approx 5g)


Vintage style aluminium tin - may have slight imperfections

pure chilli powders

* lactose and gluten free *


16.5cm x 13.5cm x 2cm